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I Stand

I have seen reports of pro-trump propaganda characterizing recent airport protests as extremists seeking to harm America as the president “protects us”.

To all who see these (and tend to accept them) know this:
Trump’s executive orders and behavior display a disregard for American security, the US Constitution, and human decency.
I wish making statements like this were unnecessary, but seeing the silence of so many people (online, and offline) prove otherwise

I proudly stood at LAX in opposition to trump’s executive orders.

I stand for freedom, the rule of law, and equal protection under the law.

What do you stand for?


This oldie but goodie is a recording from when I was living in Kansas City and my sister called me from the road between Rolla, MO and Ames, IA (more or less on the way). Somehow I picked up the phone at the exact time my answering machine kicked in. I didn’t hear it until I got home from work the next day. This always cracks me up. I hope you enjoy it a little bit, too. I am sure she was just glad that I unlocked the door.

titodumb (late night phone call).mp3